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Email marketing when done right, can be one of the most effective forms of online marketing available. Email marketing rates as the second highest ROI marketing channel amongst leading marketers next to search engine optimization.

But don’t think it’s a fool proof method of getting more customers. When email marketing is not done poorly or not planned, it can go horribly wrong and cause severe damage to your brand.

At Mostad Media, our marketers know what works and what doesn’t. We can help by working with you to gather permission-based email lists ensuring you efforts aren’t wasn’t on junk boxes and unsubscribing recipients. We’ll craft stories that encourage email recipients to engage with your brand increasing your brand awareness.

Typically you can expect anywhere from 8% to 15% engagement with most email marketing campaigns. With our campaigns, we typically see around 30% – 40% engagement. How? We carefully plan and strategize what we want to say and how we want it to come across to your customers. Our marketers look at it from your customers point of view and are constantly asking ourselves, “Would we click on this?”.

Ensure you email marketing efforts aren;t wasted and call us today to find out how we can increase your recipient engagement and grow your marketing ROI.


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