What do we mean by distribution?

In our world, distribution is the method by which your project actually gets delivered to its final destination – whether that be to the doorstep of your customer’s home or business.

Yes, we specialize in printing retail flyers, but that means that we are also distribution management specialists because getting the right product or message to the right person is integral to the success of print marketing.  We’ve been in the distribution management business for 50 plus years and up until recently, it was a pretty stable industry.  The regional and local newspaper business was strong and we leveraged their strong delivery networks and affordable rates to get our client’s marketing materials in the hands of consumers.  For those clients that wanted a more targeted approach, we worked with Canada Post to arrange delivery right into the mailbox.

Unfortunately, because of the decline in ad revenues and the proliferation of online news and media outlets, the newspaper industry has fallen on hard times over the past few years and even recently has been forced to stop the physical printing and distribution of many local and regional newspapers.  Our best wishes go out those friends, colleagues and partners of ours that have lost their jobs, and for the loss of community that those newspapers have provided for decades.

What does this mean logistically?  It means that, more than ever, we are determined to work with our clients and partners to craft a distribution plan that is laser focused on results for our clients with either a hybrid (newspaper/Canada Post) solution or a Canada Post only solution.  Please don’t forget to ask us about the powerful demographic and specialized targeting that CP can achieve for your project.

We can provide you all the information you need to make the right distribution choices.

Key Distribution Options

  • Local Newspapers
  • Regional Newspapers
  • Unaddressed Admail through Canada Post
  • Addressed Admail


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