Perhaps you are a traditional franchisor with dozens of locations across Canada, or maybe you’re a manufacturer with hundreds of independent dealers to manage? Even if you’re an agency charged with organizing and managing an ongoing campaign with a new commercial client that has a number of locations – whatever your model, we understand that the management (marketing based or in general) takes a lot of resources and time.

In addition to all of the marketing tools you might need like website design and management, SEO tools, email marketing, digital photography, “e-flip” technology, QR codes, etc., what complicates things even further is the management of those tools for a variety of locations.

This is where Mostad and our “Connect” franchise management system come in.

Connect uses the latest “Cloud” based technology to literally connect your organization together in ways you never imagined. We even made it modular so that you can pick the services and functionality you want or even have us custom program a module that you need specifically for you.

So if you want to save time managing your marketing program for a number of locations, if you need to find a way to streamline the process of providing training modules for hundreds of employees across Canada or the USA, or you just want to be able to provide a forum where management or employees can collaborate on ideas of how to improve customer satisfaction, that and a whole lot more can be easily achieved in Connect.

To learn more about how to get truly connected, please click on the link to your right.


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