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Mostad Printing & Media has been providing printing and distribution solutions for over 50 years. Our heat-set web press is literally the size of a warehouse and can print upto 100,000 copies an hour when running both our print channels. The heat-set process helps to ensure a better quality product than cold-set as it cooks the ink to the paper limiting the ink transfer to your readers hands. It also helps to produce a crisper finished product, especially on gloss stocks.
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Since the beginning when we were printing the Surry Shopper back in the 1960’s, distribution always been our strong suite. With our partnerships we can distribute your printed marketing piece anyway that need. Our experienced staff can help you determine the best, most cost effect distribution method that will get your marketing piece in front of the right audience.
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Graphic Design

Have a vision of what your marketing piece should look like but don’t have access to a designer? Our award winning graphic design team is available to help you craft your message into a powerful, persuasive marketing bullet. We can work with you to design what you envision or we can craft a design from scratch, it all depends on you and how you want to do it.
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Online Flyers

Aside from distributing your marketing material through direct mail, newspaper insert or other real-world channels, we can also deliver your flyer or publication online with our eFlyer platform. Our platform ensures your material is viewable online no matter what type of device your customers on using.
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Digital Photography

Nothing can damage your marketing piece or message than poor product photos. Mostad Printing & Media can provide you professional product photography services that will ensure your marketing material sizzles with crisp, clear, colour correct product photography.
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What Type Of Business Are You?

We have a vast amount of experience helping all types of businesses attain their marketing objectives and we continue to provide integrated marketing solutions for our clients year in year out. Click on one of the business types below to find out more about the solutions we can provide each type of business model.

Too often we hear our commercial printing customers complain that they believe their digital marketing agency is just billing them for smoke and not delivering the results they promised. With our quest to provide our customers with the best integrated marketing solutions on the market, we started our media division with the goal of providing customers with reliable and affordable digital services.

We know we’re not the first commercial printer to offer digital services. And we know we’re not the only company in the world to offer them either. But we do know that we are probably the first that puts our customers needs ahead of our own.

Our team of experts will do the research and provide the best possible solution for you, not us. For example, let’s say you want to reach a goal of increasing conversions by 15%. And after our research we discover that you can achieve it via option a (lower cost) or option b (higher cost), we are going to present both options to you and suggest option a. Most digital agencies will only provide you with option b as they can make more money for themselves and still achieve the same goal.

How can we put our customers needs ahead of our own you ask? Simple, we don’t have any smoke machines to maintain or mirrors to continually clean. This allows our team of experts to provide you with the best solutions at the best rates without the smoke and mirrors.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver sound, unbiased internet marketing advice and provide reliable, quality craftsmanship. Whether you need a new brochure style website or e-commerce juggernaut, better search rankings or higher conversion rates, we strive to deliver quality work at reasonable rates every time.


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