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What is search engine optimization? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer most of the time. What do we think Search Engine Optimization is? Well, it’s steps you take to ensure your website is prominently positioned as the leader when a user searches for a relevant term or word related to your business or products.

Basically, we view search engine optimization as more of a positioning thing that an optimization thing. True, you have to optimize your website for search engines such as the code, tags, links, images, etc. But you first have to optimize the content and flow of the website for the user, not the search engine.

Once we’ve optimized the site for both users and search engines, then we take steps to make sure your website is positioned properly when users search fro relevant words or terms. That is done through link building, driving traffic to specific pages for more exposure and wording the content just the right way.


We know there is scepticism out there on the effectiveness of search engine optimization. But we know it works and we have the results to prove it and our customers have the results to prove it. We also take steps to eliminate questions before you have them by providing monthly activity reports, traffic analysis reports and weekly ranking reports.

Proven Track Record

We’ve helped businesses big and small get the most of their website by increasing rankings, driving traffic and growing conversions. Our professional team has worked on both local and national campaigns for companies such as Glentel, Sunbury Cedar, New Balance Vancouver, West Coast Maids, Mini-Load Disposal and may more.

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