E-commerce Solutions

Mostad Media can design and develop a custom enterprise e-commerce solution for any type of online business. We know and understand how ecommerce works and we’re continually developing new ways for our customers to get a higher return on their investment.

We always start the process with evaluating what you have, what you want, where you want to get to and what your market expects. Then we start the design and development of the e-commerce website using the latest in responsive design techniques, design trends and coding. This ensures your website will stay relevant for years down the road.

Our development team has developed powerful e-commerce solutions in platforms from WordPress and Drupal to enterprise level platforms like Magento and Demandware. We’ll evaluate your needs and goals and then make our suggestion of which platform to use taking into account costs, flexibility and future-proofing.

E-Commerce Hosting Solutions

Nothing harms an e-commerce website more than slow loading speeds. We’ve had our fill of dealing with inadequate hosting providers which is why we offer our own bread of hosting solutions. Depending on your needs, we have a few proven vendors we regularly use for our e-commerce hosting solutions. Each vendor has locations across Canada ensuring our solutions deliver effectively no matter where the end user is.

On-Going Support & Updating

If you choose to have your e-commerce website managed out-of-house, then we’re your best choice. Having built the website, we know all the ins and outs of it’s coding and setup allowing us quicker turn-around times on updates and customization. If you choose to manage the website and it’s products in-house, then we can provide your team with the training it needs to properly update products and content.


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