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Our award winning web design and development team prides itself on our ability to craft stories that help businesses increase traffic, sales and online reputations. We take all the necessary steps to ensure your website is built to the stringent WC3 web standards which make sure websites run properly and render the same on all browser types and devices.

Our Process

The process we take in designing and developing websites for our clients ensures we don’t miss anything. We start by evaluating your current online presence including your website and social media channels. We then start to develop a customized strategy that covers how your website should look and function right down the the small details including how you search engine listings should look and how your social media should be used.

Once our our strategy is complete, we start wire framing your website. This allows us to try many different iterations of layouts helping us to choose the best placing for elements and content. The next step after wire framing is designing. Keeping in-line with our initial strategy, we design your website using modern design techniques and styles ensuring your website will stay relevant for years to come.

Of course, once the design is completed, we then start the development (or coding) of the website. This is another area where we shine! We have developed website in all of the most popular content management systems and e-commerce systems available today. This includes WordPress, Drupal, Magento, SiteFinity and Opencart. Our developers have also built many custom plugins for each of these platforms depending on our customers needs.

The Mobile World

Today, for most websites, mobile traffic can easily top 40% of all traffic. That’s why when we design or develop, we are always thinking mobile first. We have a large portfolio of mobile specific websites and responsive web sites which means we know what works and what doesn’t.

Such as: Did you Google now ranks mobile friendly websites above desktop only websites in their mobile search results. Meaning if you only have a desktop friendly website, when someone searches on their phone, your site will be below all the mobile friendly sites. This means you’ll miss out a ton of potential customers.

That’s not to say we design and develop websites first for mobile and then try to adapt it to a desktop browser. Not at all. When we are designing a website that is responsive, with every pen stroke we are constantly thinking “How Will This Translate To Mobile?”. This allows us to design beautifully crafted websites that load quick and work perfectly no matter the device it’s viewed on.

Support & Training

We’re not the type of media company to just built a website and leave you to it. We can develop a custom support and maintenance program that no only will fit your budget but will ensure your website is always running in tip top shape. Either after or during the built process, we can provide any stakeholders within your business with the proper training to maintain your website in-house. We know some companies like to keep somethings in-house and others like to rely on an agency to do the majority of the work.


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