Tealicious Tea Company

Posted on January 19, 2016 by basedev

Tealicious Tea Company sells specially imported teas from around the world. Their niche is that their teas are direct from the growers allowing them to sell tea that is fresher and with less fillers than their competitors. They have struggled for quit a while with trying to find the right company that had the know how to develop an exceptional website and the expertise to increase sales.

Their previous website was built on the WordPress platform and was never really properly thought out or developed properly which caused a lot of issues with seo and user conversions. We sat down with Tealicious and mapped out how we wanted the user to move through the site and what features and benefits the user would help convert traffic to sales.

The other issue facing Tealicious Tea Company was an outdated and unprofessional brand. Ever their packaging was not visually pleasing enough to convert patrons in stores. Their weak branding made it difficult for them to get their products on store shelves.

What We Did

We developed and new brand from the logo and colouring all the way to how they present themselves online to their packaging. Once we had the branding in place, we designed and developed a new e-commerce website on a new more robust platform that would help to convert users to customers and entice users to dig a bit deeper into what they had to offer.

The Results

Conversions rate son the website went from a measly 1.8% up to 18.6% in the first three months. Traffic increased 400% in the first six months and sales continue to increase month over month. As well they are now selling in more stores!

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